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Final Beginning is an interactive exploration narrative experience that will put the player in the role of Eliza, a 25 year old, newly arrived colonist on the Mars city of Isidis, as she explorers her environment to discover the truth behind her current situation.

The game is a short introduction to the story of Eliza and the future of humanity on Mars in 2090.

Full production credits:

Tee Kit Studios - Developer Credits

  • Story, Design, Code, Art

    Tim Kitevski

  • Additional Code and Support

    Jacob Kreck

    Hadyn Lander

  • Soundtrack and Audio Design

    Stephen Callan

    Christopher Phillips

  • Voice Of Eliza

    Sarah E. Taylor

  • Additional Audio Mixing and FMod Integration

    Tim Kitevski

  • Additional Art

    Kobra Game Studios

    Dawei Zhang (wow7410852)

    Pixel Perfect Polygons

    Sasha Komendant


    Jonathon Frederick



    Ashley Lyons

    Fabrice Piquet (Froyok)